Writings of Earl Clare McArthur

                                                      Reader's Reviews


     Your book interrupted my normal system of reading, which is to read 1 or 2 chapters per day. So computing the time for your book would translate into 15 to 20 days. 
     I finished your book last night in 6 days. What was the reason for that difference? 
     There was: INTRIGUE, SUSPENSE, FASCINATION, and you pushed character issues of hate- distrust, & love-trust to a high level. One finds oneself getting to know the players personally, in a way that favors first one then the other. This continues to such a degree that suspense builds as to the outcome. It leads to relief and satisfaction for all players with a dynamic ending.
     Your book could actually be great on the movie screen. The right Actors could make it downright fantastic. 

     The key word is INSPIRATIONAL: 
     Jonathon's reaction to 2 nasty men saved them prison time, which in turn "blossomed" his own marriage. He saved a well known banker's career , which in turn advanced his own acceptance to the community.

      Each decision Jonathon made in his life led to doing something "Impossible, by any stretch of the imagination"; by the town folk. He brought them all together, by his trust, and they built a fabulous, State of the Art" school.

    The town had a Grand Opening Celebration on opening day to honor Jonathon and Anna.....and named the school in memory of their son- John McDonald 

     It's a great read!


John E., South Carolina